'Resident Evil 2' will feature spruced up versions of Hunk and Tofu.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

The bonus characters will make an appearance in the forthcoming remake of the popular survival horror title, Capcom has confirmed.

The developers shared a video teasing their return on Twitter ahead of the game's official release date on January 25.

Alongside a picture of the pair, they wrote: "The bizarre and beloved "The Tofu Survivor" mode makes a return in Resident Evil 2!

"The unlock able mode will push your skills to the limits - are you up to the challenge?

"Find out when #RE2 comes to PS4, XB1, and Steam on January 25. (sic)"

The addition of Tofu and Hunk follows Capcom revealing the demo had been played by over a million people in less than four days.

Meanwhile, a 'Resident Evil 2' immersive experience has been confirmed at a bar in London.

The Developers are celebrating the release of the upcoming remake, which is released on January 25, by hosting the 'Safe House' experience based on the game's Raccoon City Police Department.

Attendees at the event at The Barge House in London's South Bank, will make their way through a "safe zone" after a T-virus outbreak, where they will be invited to try out a number of 'RE2'-themed cocktails, including one with a "real-blood antidote".

If they don't sound to sweet, there will also be Raccoon City beers served up.

The event is running from the releasee date until January 26.

And gamers will also get to try out the game at the bar.

Last month, leaked screenshots of the remake suggested Ada Wong will be a playable character.

The biggest giveaway being that the popular spy looks set to appear at some point as she is pictured shooting out at zombies.

They also show Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield's outfits pay homage to the original, but have been slightly updated with the times, as does Ado's red leather dress.

Plus the two monsters, the Tyrant (Resident Evil) and Dr. William Birkin, appear gruesome as ever in other screenshots.