The 'Resident Evil 3' remake will give Carlos Oliveria "his own interesting section".

Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Capcom has confirmed the character will have a much bigger role to play in the upcoming revamped released, after he played second fiddle to Jill Valentine.

Speaking to the Official PlayStation Magazine, the studio confirmed that the mercenary would have "his own interesting section to play through".

The company's comments come after they confirmed the character has had a big redesign, while his personality has also undergone some changes.

They explained: "He'll still be a kind person who cares about the people with him, but he'll also joke around a bit too."

While no further details were given on what exactly that will entail, the company did reveal there will be no alternative endings for the remake, unlike in the original.

Meanwhile, Mercenaries mode will not be back for the upcoming release.