'Sea of Thieves' developers are set to bring new "surprises" to the game.

Sea of Thieves screenshot

Sea of Thieves screenshot

The open-world pirate adventure game has been hugely successful since it launched for Xbox One and Windows PC three weeks ago, and developers at Rare are already looking at different ways of bringing more content to its loyal fans.

Speaking in a YouTube video about content plans, design director Mike Chapman said: "We've always had ... of course, as we're building the game we've got a view of how we want to take the game forward, but I think we're in this different world now where we have this huge audience that's playing our game and they've got different player types, they're playing the game in different ways. We've had our view on how we want to take this game forward, but I think now it's about working with the community to bring the right things in at the right time."

The developers admit they're always pushing forward with new content for their game, including new ways to "encourage players to interact in different ways", and new ways to become the ultimate goal of a pirate legend.

Joe Neate, the game's executive producer, said: "We look at new ways to play for players, that's a way we want to grow and update the game. We always want to give new goals, new rewards."

Whilst Mike added: "Yeah, more kind of incentives to go and have these adventures in the world, I think that's important as well. And I guess, ways to enrich the world. So whilst you're out there having these adventures, there's more out there that can engage you and surprise you while you're out there having these awesome voyages."

'Sea of Thieves' will start bringing new content to the game in May, when 'The Hungering Deep' update drops.