Sony has blocked the PlayStation 4 release of a controversial dating game which teaches men how to seduce women.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

The Japanese company pulled 'Super Seducer' - a title which has been criticised and accused of promoting "toxic behaviours and attitudes" - although it has still been released on Steam for PC and Mac users.

According to the BBC, Sony officially noted that the title "will not be made available", but the publication has confirmed that the firm has banned it from the platform.

It comes after its crowdfunding campaign was previously suspended by Kickstarter amid the controversy.

Seth Barton, editor of trade publication MCV, said: "Without further details from Sony, we can't tell if the game has been removed as a moral decision or whether it was down to the quality of the title - though it has published some pretty ropey games in the past.

"While it's an unappealing title, I'm uncertain whether PS4 owners would be happy with Sony censoring the games they can play, especially as they can't go elsewhere to buy software."

While the title's creator Richard La Ruina expected it to offend "a small segment" of people, he wasn't anticipating such a huge backlash.

He added to the BBC: "I did expect a small segment of the population to take issue with it, just like they might with anything related to dating skills for men.

"[It] has received a lot of negative coverage from people who have never played the game. They want to brand it sleazy, sexist, misogynistic, and even 'rapey'. I found it all very aggressive and not at all helpful. "