'Spyro Reignited Trilogy' will aim to "fill in the blanks" for players who had to use their imagination while playing the original titles.



The Playstation classic is being revamped for the current generation of consoles, and developers Toys For Bob have laid out their goals for the updated versions of the iconic game.

Speaking to Gamespot, co-studio head Paul Yan said: "When you look at the original [1998] game and you squint your eyes at it, there's a lot of imagination that you had to do at the time to fill in the blanks.

"For us, it's taking the game, and asking: What do people remember about this? It was important to start with the memories as opposed to how do you interpret exactly what's on the screen."

The studio is keen to ensure they don't mess with fond memories of the games, and want the revamped title to remain familiar despite its updates.

Yan added: "We didn't approach [the games] with, 'How can we add all these new ideas?'.

"It's really about, how do we understand the truth of them and then bring that up and find opportunities to embellish and add more lushness and detail?"

This has included redesigning the first Spyro's 80 elder dragons, which differed slightly in size, shape and colour but eventually blended together over time.

For the upcoming reworked versions, they have each been given their own personalities and unique dessign.

The boss explained: "Our philosophy was to try to understand the key style points of the character, and understand what the intention was.

"We'd ask what was the story Insomniac were trying to tell? Once we felt like we understood that, we'd then try to inject as much new storytelling as we could into both the environments and the characters."