Steam games will soon be available on mobile phones.

Steam launch

Steam launch

Primarily, the service is designed to download and stream titles on a computer, but soon, the Steam Library will be available on more than just a PC.

Instead, an app version of the service is set to launch on May 21, allowing gamers to stream titles on Android and iOS devices.

That means the games will be available across a broad range of Android-ready devices, including phones, tablets and TV sets.

For Apple customers, on the other hand, the service will be ready to access on iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs.

And later this year, a Steam Video app will be launched, thereby allowing consumers to watch the movies and other shows that are sold by Steam.

Meanwhile, another of the video gaming industry's giants, Nintendo, recently announced that it will only talk about games coming in 2018 at E3 later this year.

The Japanese video game company will be back for the annual industry expo in June, but it has confirmed the focus will be on titles being released in 2018, rather than looking beyond that.

In a statement, Nintendo said: "As in recent years, Nintendo will focus its E3 activities on games coming soon, with a special spotlight given to a key headlining title: the recently announced 'Super Smash Bros.' game coming to the Nintendo Switch console this year.

"Games launching beyond 2018 will be featured at a later date."