Tony Hawk was accused of being a sellout after launching his own video game franchise.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

The 52-year-old skateboarder has revealed he managed to upset some people in sporting circles after he joined forces with Activision to develop a video game.

Appearing on 'The Joe Rogan Experience', Tony shared: "In those days, skating was very much a novelty.

"In the '90s, X-Games came into play, and then all of a sudden my name was well-known, not mainstream, but getting there. Then our video game came out, and it was just like, 'Oh, you're just a sellout.'

"Because of the video game and the endorsements that followed from that. I was doing stuff for Jeep, for McDonald's, for Doritos, and they were like, 'Oh, you're just a sellout.'"

But Tony hit back at the accusation, insisting he hasn't changed his "value system" at all.

He said: "When I turned pro at age 14, if McDonald's had asked me to be in a commercial, I would have jumped on it, are you kidding me?

"I was eating McDonald's my whole life - I still do. It was more that they somehow thought I changed my values. But I haven't changed my value system - it's just that I'm getting these opportunities, finally."