Tony Hawk has shared a picture of the first 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater LEGO' piece.

Tony Hawk Skater Pro

Tony Hawk Skater Pro

The set based on the skate boarding game is the work of super-fan MLeeLunsford and already has 500 supporters to get the project off the ground.

Sharing the design of the "repurposed skatepark" 'Warehouse' on his Instagram page, Hawk wrote: "From @lego ideas: THPS warehouse level, complete with secret tape. Cue Police Truck. (sic)"

The structure was shared on the ideas submission page on the official LEGO website and has been made to mark the 20th anniversary of the popular franchise

In the description, MLeeLunsford wrote: "The very first level of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is called the Warehouse.

"As the name suggests it is a warehouse which has been repurposed as a skatepark, with many easily accessible quarter pipes, rails, ramps, obstacles, and a secret room hanging over a large halfpipe.

"It was the perfect introduction to the game, and is instantly recognizable to anyone who played these games. The Warehouse has even made multiple appearances throughout the series in many forms, including Tony Hawk Underground 2, in which it was doubled in size and used as a training area...

"I wanted to recreate the Warehouse level to celebrate 20 years of this wonderful franchise, which I feel changed my life. It is not a full size playset, but a small display.

"It fits snugly on a 32 x 32 plate and the walls are cut in so you will be able to see everything at once.I think would be a great way to show your love and nostalgia for such a great video game series, and a legendary extreme sports figure. (sic)"

Hawk, 51, is keeping his toe in the gaming industry, having launched Google Play and the Apple Store's free-to-lay mobile game 'Tony Hawk's Skate Jam' on Android and iOS devices at the end of 2018.

Hawk previously admitted he "would be happy" to remaster old Pro Skater games - but he no longer works with Activision and doesn't have the "skills" to do it.

The legendary skateboarder took to his Twitter account to explain there probably won't be a return of the franchise because Activision owns the licence to it and he's no longer works with the publisher, but he would jump at the chance to do it.

He wrote: "To anyone asking me to 'remaster" old games, or complaining about THPS servers being down: Activision owns the THPS license but I am no longer working with them. If I had the skills / authority to reboot servers or code games for newer systems on my own, I would be happy to... (sic)"

However, he had hinted previously that he was working on a new game without them, seemingly the mobile game which was released on Maple Media.