'Pokemon GO' players can now catch Shiny Cubone and Ponyta.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Niantic announced that they are launching the two new Pokemon in-line with the release of their new mobile game, 'Ingress Prime', which is available now on iOS and Android.

They said: "'Pokemon GO' will feature a celebratory in-game event where shiny green Cubone and blue Ponyta will be available for capture.

"Additionally, players will be gifted free in-game avatar items in support of Ingress Prime."

The new Shiny avatars follow the addition of Shiny Caterpie and its evolved forms, Shiny Metapod and Shiny Butterfree, meaning there are now over 120 Shiny Pokemon ready to catch.

The original announcement read: "Get ready, Trainers. Field Research tasks focusing on Bug-type Pokémon are coming this November! Collect enough stamps during November to earn a Research Breakthrough and get an opportunity to catch Shedinja! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go Fest 2018 pulled in a crowd of 21,000 fans in July.

The second annual event for Nintendo's hugely popular augmented reality game was held in Chicago, and a further 180,000 gamers were playing just off-site in the surrounding area.

It's said that event attendees walked an average of more than 3.5 miles to catch an average of 350 Pokemon and to complete 36 research takes on July 14 and 15.

Learning from the mistakes of last year, the event ditched the Grant Park location in favour of 1.8-mile curated course through Lincoln Park.