Ubisoft has announced details of 'Far Cry: New Dawn' at The Game Awards.

Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry: New Dawn

The world-famous video game company has decided to put a fresh twist on the money-spinning first-person shooter franchise, moving the story of 'Far Cry 5' years later and placing the much-hyped title in a post-nuclear apocalypse world.

The new title - which has been widely discussed on social media and internet forums - seemingly features a host of exciting improvements, as suggested by the trailer.

The teaser for the new title shows improvised weapons, as well as eye-catching scavenged gear.

'Far Cry: New Dawn' is set 17 years after the ending of 'Far Cry 5'.

And Jean-Sebastien Decant - the Creative Director of 'Far Cry: New Dawn' - has revealed what distinguishes the new game.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "It's Hope County transformed by 17 years of this global nuclear apocalypse.

"A lot of the locations have been destroyed or buried by the new world biomes, some of the zones have been destroyed or aren't accessible anymore.

"There is also a radioactivity border that still remains because of the nuclear power plants that leaked around. But yes it's most of Hope County.

"We tried to preserve what was in the north, the east and the west. Plus the Expeditions which is taking to you other places all across the US."