Ubisoft won't bring respawing to 'Rainbow Six Siege'.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

The team-bast tactical shooter is almost defined by the fact players only get one life per round, and while some people inside the studio would like to see gamers given more of a chance, it doesn't look to be on the cards.

In a new video, lead designer Jean-Baptiste Halle said: "I know someone at Ubisoft who is in a very high creative position who said, 'Oh, [no respawning] is the first thing that's going to get cut.'

"I'm really happy that he was wrong. [No respawning] felt like something that would never pass the gate; it would never be validated."

He insisted the decision not to let players respawn meant early playtests showed users behaving more tactically.

He explained: "Everything changed immediately. We could see that the relation we had with our character and our surrounding was completely different."

Game director Leory Athanassoff agreed, adding: "If I knew that I was able to respawn, I would probably just sprint around, exploring the map, maybe I get shot but I don't care, I can come back.

"[But with no respawning] I have just one life. It instantly created the tension we were searching for."