'Vampyr' is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.



Dontnod's supernatural action RPG title is set to hit shelves on October 29, and it is already live for pre-order at the Nintendo eShop.

The game sees Dr. Jonathan Reid turned into a vampire in Edwardian London and subsequently "plunged into a hidden world of ungodly creatures and vampire hunters" as he "must find a cure for the deadly disease spreading through the city".

The game focuses on Reid's aim of sticking to his professional oath by doing no harm to others whilst having to fight the constant urge to feast on human blood.

Meanwhile, the title's depth means even the most seemingly harmless decision can have disastrous effects as its impact becomes known.

With the game up for pre-order, it should be noted there don't look to be any bonus content or extra treats for getting in early, and it seems to be a straight port from previous versions on other platforms.