Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased they will be making big announcements at the E3 conference.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Following the news that PlayStaton won't be appearing at the gaming industry's biggest reveal event in June, Microsoft are planning to use the platform to "pop above the noise thats out there".

Spencer told Major Nelson in a video interview shared on the company's Twitter page: "This is going to be an interesting [E3].

"We are the only platform holder that has a live stage show, and it's kinda just us this year. I feel the responsibility of that ... I want to represent gaming, and I think it's an important time when the larger community [...] is looking at the gaming industry. I think it's a time when we pop above the noise thats out there."

Though he wasn't specific, there will be a big reveal surrounding the firm's studios they recently acquired.

He continued: "Our new studios are gonna have things to show which is gonna be awesome, some new things that nobody has ever seen before, which will be fun."

However, he admitted that "it'll take years to have [the new studios] fully integrated and delivering in the same way as all of the teams, because different teams are at different parts of their development cycle ... but I think its gonna be just really interesting to have those teams showing up this year and starting to show what they're building for us."

Meanwhile, the new disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service were announced earlier this week.