Microsoft and Xbox boss Phil Spencer says they are focused on "single-player games".



Responding to a Twitter follower who asked if they can expect more single-player titles, Phil said they are their priority.

He replied: "Yes, I can confirm.

"With the additions to XGS we have a lot of teams that have built strong SP focused games and we want that to continue."

In other Xbox news, Phil recently teased that the Project Scarlett console is "a cool-looking, new thing".

The exec revealed while the design isn't locked down just yet, he knows what it is going to look like - and fans will find out when it's ready.

He said: "At some point we'll show what it looks like. The physical ID is not done. I know what it's gonna look like.

"It's gonna be - I think it's a cool-looking, new thing, which will be interesting. But we don't have a final ID done."

He also explained the company decided against revealing the design at E3 because it wasn't quite ready, and he doesn't feel the physical look is what will make the upcoming console more compelling.

He added: "It's not like we're going to put a half-done ID out there and say, 'This is kind of what it will look like'.

"That's not really the thing that's going to drive purchase decision."

He revealed Microsoft have a "price point in mind", and Phil acknowledged the importance of the cost for gamers.

However, he also confirmed that Project Scarlett is just a working title for the new hardware.

He said: "I hope somebody is not making their buying decision on this product based on what it's named."