One of the founding designers for Xbox has admitted to taking lots of criticism when the console was first pitched.

Xbox controller

Xbox controller

Seamus Blackley was one of the key figures behind the launch of the now-iconic gaming console, which has become one of the most popular in history, but he's revealed that when the device was first unveiled, consumers were unimpressed by its clunky appearance.

Speaking to Inside Xbox about the evolution of the console, he explained: "When I was first out pitching Xbox - because I was essentially fronting this thing to the public - I just took an incredible amount of crap about the size of the controller.

"It was huge, and people really didn't like it. I had things thrown at me on stage."

Since then, the Xbox has become a must-have console for all gaming enthusiasts.

And Seamus has now decided to relaunch the so-called duke controller, which was replaced by the Xbox Controller S.

Of the idea to relaunch the throwback controller, he said: "The trick about life, and getting cool things to happen, is not giving up on a cool idea.

"All of these people love this controller so much. And what a beautiful way to end the story of all the abuse I took in 2001, to have all of the people here now able to play this new controller."