Xbox Series X director David Prien doesn't understand why fans want to know console specs in advance.

Xbox One

Xbox One

With the next generation of gaming hardware coming later this year, potential customers are wondering just how powerful Microsoft's console - and Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 - will actually be, with both companies sharing some initial details without giving too much away.

Taking to Twitter, Prien asked his followers: "Serious question, not looking for toxicity or box wars.

"Why do people want to know specs of anything so far in advance? Will it change what you buy since it will be same day of launch?

"To me it's like movie spoilers I don't want to know until I buy my movie ticket."

One follower explained that being on a budget, knowing the specs means they can save money for a console release and buy the most powerful response.

He added: "This is very valid and appreciate solid answer makes total sense if one was out and competition had not released yet, but I get pushed since last E3 daily for specs and don't know why this far out."

He added: "I love the community, never turn away from it, here to help answer any questions I can about industry, just hard sometimes when walking at CES and people get mad I won't tell them specs. Literally walk away calling me an Asshole. (sic)"