'Sea Of Thieves' players could win £80,000 if they get their hands on the Golden Bananas XBox has hidden as part of a treasure hunt to celebrate the game's release.

Microsoft's Golden Bananas are worth £20,000 each

Microsoft's Golden Bananas are worth £20,000 each

The Quest for the Golden Bananas is a digital scavenger hunt which begins on Monday March 19 at 8am GMT, and will feature 15 cryptic clues released over three days at xbox.com/TheBananaQuest.

The four golden bananas, handcrafted by jewellers Smith & Harris of Hatton Garden, are said to be worth £20,000 each.

The treasure - inspired by the bananas which heal players when consumed in the game - has been hidden at a secret location and teams must crack the clues to find out where they are.

The final clue will be released on Wednesday March 21 at 9pm GMT, when teams can submit all of their answers.

The fastest and most accurate answers submitted will be put through to the grand final which will take place on 22 and 23 March, depending on the timezone of the finalists, and one lucky crew will bag the treasure.

Runners up will be rewarded with limited edition 'Sea of Thieves' 'engraved golden coins, which are valued at over £300 each.

'Sea Of Thieves' is a pirate-themed cooperative multiplayer action/adventure game which proved a hit in its free beta release on XBox and PC.

Players are set quests to complete in teams by sailing the seas and collection specisic items along the way.

'Sea Of Thieves full' version will be released on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One on Tuesday March 20 2018.