Xbox One have added two more backwards compatible games.

Xbox One

Xbox One

The makers of the video game console have added fantasy strategy game 'Overlord' and its sequel, 'Overlord II', to their catalogue now playable on the new Xbox One console.

If you have a physical copy of Overlord or Overlord II, you are able to insert the disc into your Xbox One and get started or if you have downloaded it digitally, it will be able to be found in the Xbox One's My Games and Apps menu.

It can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for US $10 or £9.

Overlord is an action role-playing video game, originally released in 2007.

Explaining about the plot of the game, they write on their website: "The last Overlord has been vanquished by the forces of The Shining Justice, led by a trio of champions - The paladins, Lady Clarissa the Vigorous and Sir Cedric the Cleanly, and a unicorn known simply as Sparkle. The actions of this group have created an encroaching plague of light known as 'The Golden' which cutifies and beautifies everything in its path. Now there are only a few pockets of evil left. One of these contains the minions of the old Overlord who, along with Minion Master Gnarl, have fled to the Netherdeep, below the ruins of the old Dark Tower. However, The Golden is following them and threatening their only sanctuary. Now only an influx of dark energy can help hold back the light."