Xbox Scarlett will focus on higher "frame rate and playability of the games".

Xbox One X

Xbox One X

Microsoft boss Phil Spencer has teased what fans can expect from the next-gen console, which will be released in 2020 alongside 'Halo Infinite'.

Speaking to GameSpot, Spencer said: "I think the area that we really want to focus on next generation is frame rate and playability of the games. This generation, we've really focused on 4K visuals and how we bring both movies through 4K Blu-ray and video streaming, and with Xbox One X allowing games to run at 4K visuals will make really strong visual enhancements next generation."

The new console will "set a new bar for expectations of console gaming".

The firm's Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra teased what gamers can expect from next-gen console and specifically how it will "enable developers to make the best possible versions of their games".

Ybarrar said: "As we look across the entire design of the system everything from the SOC (system-on-chip), to the memory that we have to the SSD that we've put in there.

"t's really about eliminating all those bottlenecks, so those game developers can really deliver on their visions, to try and enable developers to make the best possible versions of their games.

"I will say that we're very confident in what we're building, something that will set a new bar for expectations of console gaming."

It's set to have around four times the power of its Xbox One X predecessor.

As well as a custom Zen 2 and Navi processor from AMD, the console will also support up to 8K visuals with frame rates of up to 120 FPS.

The company confirmed it will support ray tracing, and - just like Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 - it will have an SSD for faster loading.