Do you run?

Do you run?

I'm sure there are hundreds of reason that you can come up with not to run, but I'm going to give you just 9 on why you should. 

Take these on board and comment on the article and let me know whether or not this has inspired you to put on your running shoes at some point. 

It doesn't cost you anything - you can run any where you like to, and it doesn't cost you anything to do. Just pick and destination and head to it. 

Become more social - sturggle to find the time to see your friends and fit everything else in your life, then combine the too. You don't even have to take new friends, look for running groups and make friends with like-minded people. 

Reduce the pressure - running has been found to help reduce blood pressure. 

Burn fat whilst still - running helps to boost your metabolism and keep it going whilst you're not moving. So after a run, you're still burning calories.

Give yourself an energy boost - all exercise increases energy levels. Just one running session can increase your levels and chip away at fatigue. 

Improve your self-esteem - running will not only increase energy levels, but your self-esteem too. If you run otuside you're more likely to feel better post-workout than those who had unpleasant scenery. 

Watch the stress fall behind - as you run you'll see the stress fall behind. It boosts the brains serotonin levels and research has indicated that regular exercise might actually remodel the brain making it calmer. 

Boost your memory - always forgetting the little stuff? Then it's time to take yourself for a run. Exercise helps to keep the mind sharp and even reduced the symptoms of dementia. 

Live for longer - if you're moving more then you're more like to live longer than those who stay still. Research indicates that runners have fewer disabilities too. 

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