Kelly Brook showing exactly why she was named Best Bikini Body 2011

Kelly Brook showing exactly why she was named Best Bikini Body 2011

Kelly Brook has been named by noth men and women all over the country as the 'Best Bikini Body 2011'.

Fighting off fierce compeition, the beautiful brunette pipped Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Rihanna to the topspot.

Overall top 10            Top 3 Men’s vote       Top 3 Women’s vote
1 – Kelly Brook          1 – Kelly Brook           1 – Kelly Brook
2 – Jennifer Lopez    2 – Pippa Middleton   2 – Jennifer Lopez
3 – Pippa Middleton  3 – Katy Perry            3 – Kate Middleton
4 – Katy Perry
5 – Kate Middleton
6 – Rihanna
7 – Coleen Rooney
8 – Lady Gaga
9 – Katie Price
10 – Sam Faiers

The poll conducted by Venus, revealed that whilst Kelly topped the chart for both sexes, men and women do still look for different attributes in the female figure.

Leading personality and behavioural psychologist, Donna Dawson, comments: “Kelly Brook’s statistics (34-24-34) gives her a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, which falls within the deemed optimum range for female attractiveness in western society. She wins with women because her curvy body shape represents a figure that women can attain.

“For men, Kelly's hour-glass shape communicates good health to the primordial male brain. Other celebrity beauties who fall within this optimum range include Marilyn Monroe, Salam Hayek and Sophia Loren. All of these women are known for their appeal to men as well as their ability to draw admiration from women.”

Aside from taking the crown for Best Bikini Body, Kelly Brook also ran away with the ‘Best Legs’ accolade too. Hot on her heels though was Venus’ very own gorgeous goddess, Jenny from the block and Rihanna climbed two places on her best body positioning, coming in 4th for her curvy pins.

“Evolutionary psychologists have theorised that a number of facial traits have attracted men to women, both universally and historically. Kelly’s symmetrical features, clear complexion and glossy hair are general indicators of ‘fitness’ and signify an ideal mating partner," continues Donna.

Unsurprisingly, the survey results showed that having a toned stomach is still the main beach body confidence barrier with over 80% of the people surveyed believing that it is essential to feeling good in a bikini, so much so that 39% of women prefer to wear a one-piece due to feeling self-conscious about their midriff.

Over half of women surveyed do also believe though that it’s not necessarily what’s on the outside that counts, but having inner confidence is the real secret to feeling comfortable baring all in a bikini.

We can’t provide a miracle diet but with smooth legs, a glowing full body tan, great beach hair and a groomed bikini line polling high up on the scale of importance in the nations quest for bikini body confidence, it proves that a little bit of beach-body preparation can go a long way to helping this year’s summer holiday breeze by with confident ease.

Donna adds: “The research shows that women know instinctively what best fills a bikini – and it is the curvy, hourglass figure to which a bikini clings, accentuating a decent bust, a real waist and a curvy derrière. Not only are curvier figures truer to the shape of women, but men (when asked repeatedly in surveys) say that they much prefer them.”

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