A healthy smile has been linked to a healthy heart

A healthy smile has been linked to a healthy heart

People who take a yearly trip to the dentist to have their teeth scraped and cleaned, lower their chance of a heart attack by 24 per cent, according to new research.

The study conducted by Taiwanese researchers also found that the dental cleaning also reduced the risk of a stroke by 13 per cent, compared to those who have never had the treatment.

Scientists have known for several years that the condition of teeth and gums is strongly linked to the likelihood of ehart problems.

More than 100,000 people were studied for an average of seven years to find the data and noted how often they visited a dental hygienist.

Lead research Emily Chen from the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei, who presented the findings at the American Heart Association's scientific sessions conference in Florida, said: "Protection from heart disease and stroke was more pronounced in participants who got tooth scaling at least once a year."

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