People can now check their blood glucose level on the go

People can now check their blood glucose level on the go

Today marks the launch of the UK’s first blood glucose monitor (BGM) to seamlessly connect to an iPhone and iPod touch.

iBGStar offers those with diabetes a new and more advanced way to monitor and manage their condition. The small device simply connects and immediately allows you store, track and analyse the results, as well as additional diabetes information. 

Using the technology built into the iPhone or iPod touch, this information can be shared instantly via email with healthcare professionals and family members.

Diabetes affects 2.9 million in the UK and accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels plays an integral part of diabetes management.

Research reveals people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who regularly self-monitor their blood glucose levels can achieve better glycaemic control.

If blood sugar levels rise to a dangerous level, it can cause blood vessel damage and can lead to serious complications including heart problems and kidney, nerve and eye damage.

iBGStar from Sanofi has already begun to revolutionise the way in which patients can their manage diabetes, and has won awards for its discreet and stylish design, including the 2011 GOOD DESIGN award.

It is the first BGM that allows you to input your own data and specific notes against the readings, e.g. your carbohydrate intake, insulin taken, exercise or other factors that may help you understand your results. With the explosion in smartphone technology, this device allows you to monitor your blood glucose whilst on the move with your phone and store the information, removing the need for hand-written log books.

Watch the video below for all the information about the device: 


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