Support means that people can feel in control of Type 2 Diabetes

Support means that people can feel in control of Type 2 Diabetes

It can take up to 18 years to feel in control of Type 2 diabetes if there is little support available, according to new research. 

The study by the University of Nottingham, commissioned by Boots UK, also found that it can take as little as one month for people to feel in control of their diabetes if there is the support available. 

The study identified there is an opportunity to help people get to grips with their condition earlier if they have support tailored to their individual needs. 

Simon O’Neill, Director of Care Policy and Intelligence at Diabetes UK, comments: “This study provides an insight into the factors that impact how quickly and successfully people adjust to living with Type 2 diabetes. We hope these findings can help those living with the condition, as well as the healthcare team that supports them, better understand and manage their condition so they can feel in control and better equipped to prevent unnecessary complications.” 

The study ‘Exploring the Experience of Living With and Managing Type Two Diabetes’  is set to help shape and improve the Type 2 diabetes offering on the high street, including Boots UK’s extended new Diabetes Information Service:

·         Boots pharmacists and healthcare team members have had extra training as part of their Continuing Professional Development on how to manage inspiring conversations and offer bespoke support to customers in the management of their Type 2 diabetes.

·         Boots UK has launched a Diabetes Information Pack, which contains expert help and information, practical advice, and signposting to other sources of information and also contains advice and support for those supporting someone with Type 2 diabetes.

· contains a number of videos where healthcare experts answer questions about Type 2 diabetes. In addition, has a specific diabetes health centre which is packed with information and support to help people with diabetes keep up to date with the latest diabetes news.


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