Don't avoid social places when you're on a diet, you'll only give up sooner

Don't avoid social places when you're on a diet, you'll only give up sooner

Having to say goodbye to a social life whilst we're on a diet is a thought that resonates with plenty of people, but why exactly?

Just because we're making small changes to our diet it doesn't mean that we should have to sit in and wallow in our own thoughts, which I'm guessing would mainly be about food.

Here we have the top tips from Bodycraft, the experts of weightloss, about how you can dine out and maintain a healthy weight.

It's not rocket science.

· Don’t starve yourself throughout the day, going to a restaurant when you are really hungry will only encourage your appetite for those calorie laden dishes.
· Avoid fried dishes and speak up to your waiter.  Ask for your food to be steamed, baked, grilled or poached.
· Be careful of those sauces!  There isn’t a point in ordering the poached fish or baked chicken if it is drowning in a creamy rich sauce.  Try to order tomato-based sauces if you need to at all
· Don’t feel compelled to order a 3 course meal, but if you do, try to choose light options like fruit or sorbet and order extra vegetables with your main course to fill up on
· If you are going for a starter, try the soup.  Make sure to avoid creamy soups and go for broth-based soups made of vegetables as they contain mostly water which is a great way to fill up without the extra calories.
· Substitute potatoes and french fries for a salad where possible but watch out for the dressings. Creamy dressings are full of unwanted calories/fat so make sure to ask for it on the side so you can limit how much you use.
· Don’t feel compelled to finish the whole meal, or have that extra helping.  Take it home and enjoy it for your lunch the next day.
· Take your time with your meal.  Eating slowly will help you to eat less as your body has a chance to start acknowledging that it is full.
· Alcohol is full of calories, try a white wine spritzer (with soda).  It’s a great lower calorie drink that lasts longer throughout the meal.

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