Are you eating the right balance of food?

Are you eating the right balance of food?

For years diet gurus have been encouraging us to up our protein levels as we look to lose weight and it’s true that we do feel fuller after a protein-heavy meal.

Now new research has discovered why this is. In an article, published in the journal ‘Cell’, scientists describe how dietary protein helps to curb appetite and gives signals to the brain to tell it you’re full. 

The scientists are expecting that understanding this back and forth loop between the brain and gut may pave the way for future approaches in the treatment and/or prevention of obesity.

"These findings explain the satiety effect of dietary protein, which is a long-known but unexplained phenomenon," says senior author Dr. Gilles Mithieux of the Université de Lyon, in France.

"They provide a novel understanding of the control of food intake and of hunger sensations, which may offer novel approaches to treat obesity in the future," he adds.

Sometimes however, high protein meals and snacks can be time consuming to make and hard to find, especially on-the-go.

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