We're stuck in a rut buying the same fruits each week

We're stuck in a rut buying the same fruits each week

When it comes to trying different, interesting and tasty fruits this couldn't be further from our minds.

A national report released today has found that, even with a world of new and exciting fruit available from the supermarket, many of our fruit bowl choices are still stuck in the 1960s. For the majority of Brits, deviating from the same combination of bananas, apples, oranges and grapes isn’t an option.

The Fruit Report, commissioned by fruit and juice experts Tropicana and compiled by Food Futurologist Dr. Morgaine Gaye, found that 20 per cent of us opt for just one or two fruit varieties in our weekly shop and one in ten people purchase no fruit at all.

For many consumers, a nervousness of trying new fruits was cited as the key reason for their habitual behavior in the produce isles. Eighteen per cent claimed it was down to a lack of knowledge of how to prepare fruit that deterred them from buying a new variety.

For those who take an avante garde approach to experimenting with new fruits, 33 per cent claimed health benefits were the biggest motivator, with 11 per cent of these respondents regularly picking up a selection of ‘super fruits’ from the supermarket.

Eating out on foreign holidays encourages 32 per cent of Brits to widen their fruit repertoire with 10 per cent being inspired by celebrity chefs and their novel recipes.

Tropicana Marketing Director Peter Charles said: “People are often put off by the appearance of obscure and exotic fruits This may explain why we’re seeing a huge uptake of our exotic fruit juice blends as people get the thrill of trying something new without the challenge of working out how to eat it.”

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