Do you have a healthy, well-balanced diet?

Do you have a healthy, well-balanced diet?

We all want the best from our diets, don't we? We want the food we eat to energise us and make us feel healthy from the inside. Is this the reason why there has been a surge in free-from products then? 

Newburn Bakehouse, the new free-from bakery brand from Warburtons has launched in stores to meet increasing demand for more gluten-free and wheat-free bakery products in the UK, witnessing a 30% increase in customers since 2010 and 18% growth in the sector.

Increased awareness due to celebrity endorsements, increased visibility and variety of products available are believed to be the responsible for the surge in sales. Wheat-free and gluten- free products now account for almost 50% of the free-from food market.

Whilst for some people these free-from foods are not a choice, due to food intolerances or allergies, they can also have a beneficial effect on everyone's diet. 

Now, they're more readily available than ever, so will you be trying the free-from foods?

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