Kate Walsh is captain of the GB Women's Hockey Team

Kate Walsh is captain of the GB Women's Hockey Team

Playing hockey not only strengthens your upper body and rids the dreaded bingo-wings, but also helps to tone your bottom and legs.

Hand eye co-ordination and reflexes are also tested throughout the game.

Kate Walsh, captain of the GB Women’s Hockey team and Bronze medallist at the 2012 Olympic Games, she answers some quick questions about the fintess benefits of playing hockey. 

What are main fitness benefits of playing hockey?

“Hockey is great for all round fitness; the game involves multiple repeated sprints and changes of direction which works on endurance and agility. Whilst the low position of the game works on your core, trunk and upper leg strength and stability – so no more need for those endless squats and sit-ups to tone up!”

Do you have any tips for beginners who have never played before?

“Once you’ve mastered a soft right hand on the stick and how to turn the stick over in your hands you will be ready to tackle all the skills we use in hockey. One quick easy way to start you off with this is to put a cardboard toilet roll where your right hand should be and let the toilet roll do the work for you!”

How do you prepare for a game?

“I always get my match day kit and equipment all ready the night before. Then on match day I eat light meals and not too much fluid so that I am not full when I play. I make sure that I know the tactics inside out and what my role is in this. Finally I focus on my super strengths and how I am going to bring them to the game that day.”

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