Tips on how to train like these

Tips on how to train like these

In September this year, the world’s best rugby players will descend on New Zealand for the 2011 Rugby World Cup after months of intense training and preparation.

Scotland’s first match is against Romania on September 10 and by then the team will be running like a well oiled machine. To get to the top of their game physically, Scotland’s players have been following rigorous physical training programmes and precise diets plans with the help of a team of trainers and nutritionists.

While you may not be an elite athlete training for the Rugby World Cup, the team’s training and nutritional methods are all simple to follow and can help you get in peak condition for whatever you’re training for.

Optimum Nutrition have teamed up with Scottish rugby stars John Barclay and Chris Cusiter to reveal in the following video a typical training session from start to finish.

Scotland Rugby’s Head of Strength Training and Conditioning, Neill Potts, shows you the types of strength and endurance exercises he takes the players through in a typical session, as well as showing you the correct technique required to get the most out of these exercises and the length of time you should be training for.

Finally, the team’s nutritionist Richard Chessor reveals what you should be eating before, during, immediately after and beyond training to make sure your muscles are fuelled for maximum performance and recovery.

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