The Specsavers Sight Check app – users tap to take the eye test

The Specsavers Sight Check app – users tap to take the eye test

Specsavers have entered into the healthcare app market with the launch of the innovative and free to download Specsavers Sight Check app.

Designed by David Thomson, Professor of Optometry and Visual Science at City University London, the app is available at both the Apple App Store and the Android App Store.

Using the latest technology, the app has been developed to include a series of tests that help users engage better with their eye health. Should the app perceive a user’s need to book an eye examination at the end of the test, the app will direct them to their closest Specsavers store, for a full eye examination.

Professor Thomson says: ‘This is the most comprehensive sight check app currently on the market; it has been designed to raise awareness of eye health in a current and instantly accessible way. While it can’t replace a comprehensive eye examination, it does provide a reading test, a visual acuity test and a fan test for astigmatism. It then uses computer intelligence to read the results of these tests and then describe user’s vision, risk factors and what action they should take.’

Paul Carroll, director of professional services for Specsavers says: ‘As an eye test, it's a bit of fun but with a serious side to it. It makes the user aware of the importance of regular eye examinations as well as helping them to appreciate that some people are more at risk of preventable eye conditions than others, because of their family history.’

The app also features a unique, slimmed-down version of Specsavers existing eye health advice tool, Ask The Optician. Users will be able to type in a question relating to eye health and then search an extensive database before having their answer delivered in text or video format.

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