Are you laughing enough?

Are you laughing enough?

We all know that ‘laughter is the best medicine’, however a new independent study by shows that the majority of people in the UK could be at risk of a severe fun-shortage with the average Brit falling well short of the recommended benchmark of 15 laughs a day.

Studies show that children laugh around 300-400 times a day, with that frequency dropping to 15 times a day in adulthood.

However, research released today shows the average British adult laughs just 7.2 times a day.

And it seems our laughter levels are dropping by the decade.

German psychologist Dr Michael Titze identified that 60 years ago we used to laugh as much as 18 minutes a day, but today we laugh for no more than 6.

What’s more, only 4% of Brits voted the 2010s as the most fun decade in the last century with the 1960s and 1980s topping the poll.

The study by also found that a staggering two thirds of Brits claim they are in desperate need of more fun in their lives with lack of money and the spate of bad weather this summer cited as the main factors for the lack of fun and laughter.

So what’s with the lack of laughs across the nation? Is laughter actually the best medicine and why? And is there a simple solution to raising your laughing quota?

Listen to the podcast below where psychologist Anjula Mutanda talks about the findings, the health benefits of laughing more and what we can do to ensure those giggles.

As a result of the fun and laughter deficit sweeping the UK, Queen of Bingo Barbara Windsor, is patroning Jackpotjoy’s new £250,000 FUNdation that will grant FUNds to daft ideas submitted by the public to make the UK laugh more.

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