Nindy Kaur shares her top five moves

Nindy Kaur shares her top five moves

Bhangra Aerobics is a holistic cardio workout which tones your glutes, legs and arms and is particularly good for your posture.

“Infectious bhangra dhol (drum) beats set the scene and will leave you feeling energised, rejuvenated, and stronger” says Nindy Kaur from RDB, International Urban Bhangra group.

Research suggests that Bollywood dancing can help burn up to 500 calories per session and it has gained popularity with the likes of Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei who were seen sporting Bhangra and Hindi film moves in the hit Hollywood film, The Guru.

Below are Nindy’s top five moves for a fun Bhangra workout:

Bhangra Groove – Stand with your legs slightly wider apart than shoulder-width. Your right shoulder will guide your body in each direction. Begin by contracting your pelvic muscles, then move your right shoulder forward whilst also hopping forward at the same time.

Shoulder Shaker - Hold your arms out in the shape of the letter "W." Begin by moving your shoulders up and down. Whilst doing this, turn your hands as if you are unscrewing a light bulb. Step first with the left heel and then with the right heel. Keep repeating the steps.

Power Hop - Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Start by swinging your hands and then hop forward. To vary the steps, first hop twice towards the left side and then hop twice towards the right side. Repeat this with your arms held high and whilst moving your wrists back and forth.

Bhangra Stomp – Stand straight and stomp (tread heavily) your right leg to the left corner. Then repeat the exercise with your left leg, and vice versa until you have a rhythm going. Each time you do the corner stomp, clap your hands.

Bhangra Curl - Move your body side to side whilst you kick your heels to your Glutes (bottom), as if you were doing a hamstring curl. This makes the perfect workout for your glutes!

Sway Me - Sway your hips in a clockwise and anticlockwise motion to the beat of a drum. Whilst doing this, your hands should be stretched out parallel to your body.

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