Follow these tips to make your waist smaller

Follow these tips to make your waist smaller

To get a head start on losing weight around your waist, Alison Stork, a Nutritional Therapist at Nuffield Health, recommends a diet that delivers a full range of important vitamins and nutrients, whilst helping keep you full, improving metabolism and regulating blood sugar and fat storage. This should contain:

· Low GI foods that satisfy your appetite, keeping you fuller for longer – try lentils, oats and brown rice. 
· Coenzyme Q10, which is important in the metabolism of glucose and fat – spinach and potatoes are a good source.
· The fibre, pectin, found in apples, which aids in the removal of toxins and excess fats from the body.
· L-Carnitine, an amino acid that enhances fat metabolism found in chicken and cottage cheese.
· Metabolism boosters including plain, live yoghurt, colourful vegetables and fruit, salmon and other sources of fish oil, Omega 3, and eggs.

Nuffield Health three-day tummy trimming meal plan

To kick start your waist weight loss, Alison suggests following this three-day plan:

Day 1

Breakfast:- Porridge with tablespoon crushed, mixed seeds (pumpkin, linseed, sunflower seeds).

Lunch:- Vegetable and Lentil Soup

Dinner:-Grilled Salmon with salad and new potatoes

Snacks:-Plain yoghurt with fresh fruit

Day 2

Breakfast:- Boiled Egg on Slice wholemeal toast

Lunch:- Jacket sweet potato with hummus and mixed salad

Dinner:- Stir fry chicken & vegetables with brown rice

Snacks:- Fresh Fruit and small handful unroasted, unsalted nuts

Day 3

Breakfast:- Fresh fruit with plain yoghurt and dessertspoon mixed nuts & Seeds

Lunch:- Sardines on toasted rye or wholegrain bread with grilled tomato and sprinkle of herbs & green salad

Dinner:- Lentil  Dahl with mixed steamed vegetables

Snacks:- Oatcake with cottage cheese

Meal suggestions

On a longer-term basis, the following meals and snacks, combined with stepping up how physically active you are, can help get and keep your waist measurement in the healthy zone:

· Porridge made with handful berries. Add a dessertspoonful crushed mixed seeds.
· Unsweetened muesli. Soak for 20 minutes before eating. 
· Plain, probiotic yoghurt with mixed fruit and unsalted unroasted nuts and crushed seeds. Add a teaspoon honey if required.
· 1 Boiled egg on 1 slice brown toast.
· ½ tub cottage cheese on slice wholemeal bread.

· Chicken Salad. Dressing: olive oil and balsamic / red wine vinegar, teaspoon Dijon mustard and garlic.
· Bean / lentil soup with slice wholemeal bread
· Wholemeal pitta with humous uncooked spinach, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts.
· Oatcakes with avocado and turkey slices.
· Prawns, quinoa, unsalted pistachio nuts, spinach leaves, avocado, fresh mint and lemon juice.
· Hummus and crudités
· Quinoa / brown rice with chopped peppers, tomato, celery, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and chickpeas.  Dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and mint.

· Chicken salad with new potatoes.
· Chicken and chickpea curry (onions, garlic, curry powder, tin tomatoes, chickpeas, chicken, red pepper, spinach) and steamed vegetables.
· Brown rice with turkey, dark green leafy vegetables e.g. broccoli and asparagus, with yoghurt dressing.
· Non-wheat pasta with chicken, peppers and fresh tomato sauce.
· Brown rice with spices (Thai 7 spice available from supermarket), peas, soya beans, coriander, boiled egg and small amount cashew nuts.
· Bean chilli with steamed vegetables.
· Mackerel kedgeree.
· Oily fish with almond salad.

Snacks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon)
· Oatcake/Ryvita with small amount avocado or nut butter / pumpkin seed butter.
· Fruit and handful unroasted, unsalted nuts or seeds.
· Yoghurt and fresh fruit.
· Crudités (including celery) and hummus.
· Handful dried fruit and nuts.

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