Stop smoking

Stop smoking

With the average price of a packet of cigarettes touching £7.50, a smoker can expect to benefit from an extra £2,737.50 in their bank account at the end of the year, providing they stick to their healthy New Year resolution.

Additionally, the former smoker could find themselves making savings a second time over through cheaper life and critical illness insurance. That's because, according to, many people are unaware of the sheer enormity of the gap in life cover premiums for smokers and non-smokers.

Robert Prime, insurance specialist at UK-based said: "If you're a smoker, the advantages of giving up in the New Year are a complete no-brainer. Over the course of a typical twenty-year policy, a smoker can pay thousands of pounds in additional premiums.

"In fact, the cost of critical illness insurance for some smokers could be far greater than the amount they spend on the cigarettes themselves. We're talking up to £24,000 in total over the life of a policy, and that's just money down the drain.

"Life insurance premiums are substantially cheaper if you give up smoking. Just try out our free insurance quotation calculator at and see for yourself," said Mr Prime.

"And if better health and more money in your pocket isn't enough already, just remember that of the £2,700 a smoker spends each year, £2,100 goes to the Exchequer by way of Duty. We all pay enough tax as it is - smoking is literally burning your hard-earned cash."

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