Are you fed up in work? Will you skive off?

Are you fed up in work? Will you skive off?

It's only Monday, yet chances are you're already thinking about the weekend. Are you? I bet you are now.

But, it seems that one in three of us won't need to wait for the lie-in on Saturday as we'll just call in sick to work, without actually needing the day off.

Feeling bored and depressed is the most common reason for skiving with 61 per cent doing it, according to new research conducted by consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Neil Roden, HR consulting partner at PwC, says: "Absenteeism costs British business around £32 billion a year, but our findinds suggest a large chunk of this loss is preventable. If people are bored and depressed with their jobs, employers need to think creatively how they can get people back in gear. Rather than a sign of laziness, unwarranted leave can mean people are under-used."

Hangovers, good weather, family responsibilities and romance are also cited as the most common reasons why people would pull a 'sickie'.

Fifteen per cent believed that they just deserve the time off.

The biggest excuse that workers provide their bosses with is sickness, with 83 per cent using it. And they say that they have 5.17 days to skive off before an employer would become suspicious of their 'illness'.

What excuse would you use? Or would you never dare to skive off?

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