Are you body confident?

Are you body confident?

The summer may have arrived, but the thought of baring all is a little more than daunting for some of us. 

A recent survey by Venus ProSkin shows that British women aren't relishing the though of revealing more skin

In fact, 55 per cent hate getting their legs out in the summer and look forward to being able to cover them in tight during the winter months. 

Body confidence is a hige issue; the average score was just 43 out of 100 and a quarter of women say that they hate their body. 

Celebrity beauty therapist and member of the Venus ProTeam expert panel, Nichola Joss says: “It’s crucial that women take time out of their busy schedule for a pampering session, which can help balance your body and mind. There are small changes women can make to their everyday routines so they feel less like a chore and more like a moment for you.”


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