Plastic surgery has become the norm in recent times

Plastic surgery has become the norm in recent times

Promoting a healthy body image is a difficult task when we're constantly bombarded with 'perfect' figures in the press of unrealistic, airbrushed photographs whose job it is to stay in near-perfect shape.

But, what's the real effect of these unobtainable images?

According to new research more than 88 per cent of the girls aged 15 to 25 in our country would change something about their body if it was easily feasible. The number was a little lower, but still shockingly high for boys, 81 per cent they would make changes if they could.

The body parts that young girls are most unhappy with are their belly and thighs, skin and breasts.
Boys would love to improve their muscles, belly and hair.

However, not all of them would consider plastic surgery. An InSites Consulting survey revealed that 22 per cent of girls would and 15 per cent of boys would go under the knife to change something about their body.

“The current generation of youth is often referred to by scientists as the most narcissistic group ever”, says Joeri Van den Bergh, Gen Y expert at InSites Consulting and author of the book ‘How cool brands stay hot’.

“Therefore it is not surprising that looking good is so important. But this definitely is not only valid for youngsters and is a broader scientific fact. Just think of the increased importance of product and packaging design, or of the increased care given to interior design.”

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