Can the foods you eat affect your libido?

Can the foods you eat affect your libido?

There are plenty of ways we’re told we can boost our sex life, from Viagra to Amazonian potions, role play to the Karma sutra.

One area that is often overlooked however is our diet, which is why MyVitality hopes to show people that you can change more than just your weight by altering the foods you eat… is the brain child of nutritional expert Drew Fobbester, and goes far beyond your average ‘dieting’ website, acting as a nutritionist, chef, life coach and sex therapist all in one.

Designed by a team of health experts, the site builds an in depth personal profile based around you and your needs; be they improving your sex drive, wanting more energy or improving your sleep.

By inputting your goals and everyday symptoms the website tells you what your nutritional priorities should be, which foods you should be eating when and what supplements could help. Alongside these dieting tips the site also helps with ‘lifestyle actions’ that could impact and improve your sex life.

Then, after the ‘nutritionist, sex therapist and life coach’ have had their say it’s the turn of the ‘chef’. The team at MyVitality know that introducing new foods that fit an individual’s health profile can have dramatic, positive effects and the site is jammed with exciting recipes tailored to help with everything from hair loss to firing up your libido.

MyVitality is simple and easy to use, you just fill in a questionnaire about your current lifestyle, diet and health and it does the rest. So if you are interested in eating your way to better sex then why not check out MyVitality.

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