Eating more fruits and vegetables isn't a daunting task

Eating more fruits and vegetables isn't a daunting task

Britons are not eating a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables despite the widely available advice on nutrition.

The study found that we are eating less of the good stuff than people in any other major European country.

Only those in Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Iceland eat less, found the report by the European Food Information Council.

It found that on average, Britons eat 258g (9.1oz) of fruit and vegetables a day, compared with a European average of 386g (13.6oz).

The UK average also falls short of the 400g (14.1oz) minimum consumption recommended by the World Health Organisation.

High consumption of fruit and vegetables has been associated with lower risk of developing a range of chronic diseases, including a range of cancers such as those of the bowel and throat, and cardiovascular disease, the report noted.

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