Banana's are healthy and boost your energy

Banana's are healthy and boost your energy

The best way to boost your energy and banish tiredness is to have a balanced diet and to eat regularly.

The NHS recommend staying hydrated by drinking 6-8 glasses of fluid (water,fruit juice,milk) to keep your energy up and aim to eat your 5 fruit and veg each day. Here's also some essential foods to kick start your energy.

Brown rice - Whole grains such as brown rice are considered superfoods because they contain a rich mix of vitamin B, magnesium and iron, and fibre to keep you full for longer. Too much wheat can cause bloating and too much pasta, bread and cakes aren't good for you so try buying whole grain foods for a healthy option.

Greens - Spinach is crammed with vitamins A and C and packed with potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and fibre, so not only does it keep your energy levels boosted, but it provides a nutrional treat. Broccoli also contains lots of vitamins and gives you energy. 

Oats - Porridge is not only filled with essential healthy vitamins but is also great for combating tiredness and stress. Add some berries to your porridge for a brilliant breakfast!

Fruit - Great for snacking through the day, instead of munching on a biscuit for a quick fix, eat a banana or a handful of apricots for a natural sugar boost.

Avoid high energy drinks which are full of sugar. Although they do give you a temporary energy boost, it's short lived and can leave you feeling irritable.


Alexandra Baracskai