A trip to the gym in the morning with supply you with plenty of energy throughout the day

A trip to the gym in the morning with supply you with plenty of energy throughout the day

A morning workout may sound like hell but it provides many more benefits than you can possibly think.

It sets you up for the day and gives you more energy to start your working day. Working out first thing kick starts your metabolism and helps you to burn more fat during the day. Plus it stops you from having to worry about reserving energy for when you finish work to go and workout when all you really want to  do is curl up on the couch, watch the TV and relax with your loved ones.

We have some tips for you to encourage you and help you find the time to get in a morning workout.

Alarm: Obviously adjust your alarm clock to get up earlier than usual to head to the gym, fit in a run or do some Pilates to wake you up.

Bag: Prepare your bag or kit the night before. If it's not done then you'll only use it as an excuse to not get out of the bed.

Snack: If you can't workout without having eaten first, then it would be advisable to eat a banana. Just eat Hal or a small one as you won't have to time to fully digest it before you begin your regime.

Try and prepare a healthy snack for afterwards too, something that's rich in protein to help repair your body; boiled eggs is an easy snack as they can be prepared the night before. Lisa Snowdon is a fan of eating these as a healthy snack during the day.

Alcohol: Don't drink too much alcohol the night before a morning workout as it will only give you a headache and another excuse to stay in bed.

Bedtime: If you're getting up earlier than usual then it makes sense to go to bed earlier than normal to make sure your body is well rested and you get the right amount your body needs.

Plan: Again this is another obvious one but make a plan and it's easier to stick to and you'll know what you want to get from your workout.

Now there's no excuse to not have a morning workout tomorrow.

If you have any more tips then please share in the comments below.

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