John Thomson is on-hand to give advice

John Thomson is on-hand to give advice

With summer here, it’s time for us men to peel off layers of clothing and reveal our bodies for the warmer months ahead. But while millions of the opposite sex have been dieting and heading to the gym, men are now rivaling them when it comes to getting in shape for beach season.

John Thomson is backing LivSmarter’s campaign to bring back the FELLAS – food-enjoying, life-loving, active sports-fans, to show men it’s cool to be a ‘bloke’ again, to be happy and to get fit and lose weight.

We all know how easy it is for those extra pounds to creep up on us but how big of an issue is dieting for us these days?

What are the main reasons blokes feel they want to lose weight? What can you do to stay in shape but not get obsessive about it?

John Thomson knows all about the diet rollercoaster, but now maintains a healthy weight thanks to a few easy and simple secrets.

Tune into our live and interactive webTV to find out more about FELLAS, Simon Rimmer’s tips on how to make delicious low fat meals by substituting certain ingredients and Dr Chris’ advice on how to lose weight healthily and sensibly. 

Show date: Thursday 7th June 

Show time:  5pm

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