Incorporate some exercise on the way to and from work and you'll find that little bit of effort can go a long way with weightloss and fitness
  • Before you leave the house drink a freezing cold glass of water and green tea to jumpstart your metabolism, which alone will burn 70 calories
  • Use a backpack and load it with a change of clothes, food for the day, or items to add weight. This will put an extra resistance on your muscles groups and therefore burn more calories!
  • Take the long way home and push a little harder to avoid a weight-loss plateau.
  • When at your destination, find a set of stairs or a sizeable curb and get stepping!

Get on your bike

  • Usually take a morning spin class? During the Olympic period why not combine this with a cycle to work.....
  •  On average a trip of less than 3 miles are often quicker by bike, and urban trips of 5 to 7 miles usually take about the same time. So why not use your ride to work as an extra cardio workout and in 2 weeks you can burn enough calories to lose 5 pounds. You'll also reduce auto emissions by 1,248 pounds of CO2. Double win!
  • We’ve also heard that 80 percent of people who switch from driving to bike commuting improve the function and health of their heart, lungs and blood vessels in 8 weeks making this the perfect time to embrace being healthy both inside and out.
  • Don't own a bike or unsure how to navigate around London: Visit for your nearest hire dock and routes.
Walk your way to fitness
  • If a bike is not your thing and running is a little too advancd, grab a backpack and walk to work or the gym. 
  • At 238 calories per hour this equates to a Snickers Bar, a Starbucks Latter or 3 glasses of wine
  • To find out how to walk to your nearest Fitness First plan your route at

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