Protein is one of the main, vital nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body, aiding the repair of internal and external damage to the body, supporting the immune system and contributing to overall wellbeing.

A protein-packed diet can also help to keep hunger at bay as its complex structure takes more work for the body to digest, helping you to feel fuller for longer, enhancing healthy weight loss and reducing unhealthy body fat.

Help your diet to pack a protein punch with five of the best, high protein products:

5 of the best ways to eat more protein

5 of the best ways to eat more protein

1. Carb Killa Bars From Grenade

Packed with 23g of protein and containing only 214 calories, Carb Killa is a tasty treat available in two delicious flavours, Caramel Chaos and Cookie & Cream. Both flavours contain less than 1.5 grams of sugar and impact carbohydrates, making them the perfect choice as a filling snack or post workout treat. £2.49 per bar.

2. Whey Hey Ice Cream

Sugar-free Whey Hey tubs come in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Banoffee flavours. Each tub contains 20 grams of protein and can be consumed as part of weight loss or sports nutrition plans. £2.50 for 150ml.

3. Quest Protein Crisps

Savour the guilt-free crunch of Quest's protein crisps. With a moreish flavour, these BBQ crisps offer 21g of healthy protein and only 5g total carbohydrates. Go ahead, eat the whole bag without feeling guilty. £2.29 per bag.

4. Protein Popcorn

Tuck into a tasty crunchy treat with protein popcorn from The Protein Works. Available in three flavours, Sweet and Salty, Frosted Cinnamon and Marbled Chocolate. Popcorn no longer has to be a treat reserved for the cinema. £3.99 per 100g.

5. Protein MilkThis great tasting and refreshing shake is packed with 20g of protein, has no added sugar and is fat free. An ideal way to increase your protein intake between meals or post workout. £1.99 for 250ml.

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