Do you suffer with headaches?

Do you suffer with headaches?

Treating regular headaches with painkillers can make them worse, according to new research. 

Regularly taking common painkillers may trigger severe headaches say the experts, so what can we do about this. 

Millions of people who swallow pills like aspirin, paracetamol of ibuprofen to help ease the pain are said to be at risk if they take them for at least 10 days a month over a period of three months. 

Natural alternatives are the answer to helping you ease through your headache and not cause your body as much damage. 

Experts have warned that overuse of painkillers can reduce their effectiveness and actually cause more pain in the long term, so it's time to quit the pills and take a look through these natural alternatives.

Tiger Balm White Ointment - 19g

Tiger Balm White is an effective pain relieving tension headache balm - with 20% of people suffering from tension headaches at least once a week, Tiger Balm White offers an alternative to relieving the painful feeling of headache pressure without the need for oral analgesics.  Tiger Balm White is a licensed product, meaning it has proven indications it works to relieve tension headaches. Tension headaches, the most common type, can be triggered by stress, anxiety and physical tension such as poor posture which causes the neck and scalp muscles to tense. 

Tiger Balm White is priced £4.90 for a 19g jar and is available from Boots and health food stores nationwide.

Homedics iHeal

The iheal is a medical device that actively reduces the healing time and relieves pain through encouraging the natural healing process of the body, the device is used on the outer skin, and involves no oral analgesics – using an iheal to relieve pain could make all the difference, preventing people building up a resistance to oral painkillers.  

At 38mm high it’s also the world’s smallest, most effective and versatile PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) therapy unit, speeding up the body’s natural healing process of most musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders by up to 30 per cent.  You can hardly feel it working, as it gives off electrical impulses and encourages the body’s natural healing process by encouraging blood flow to the area.   It’s ideal to speed the recovery of sporting injuries.

HoMedics iheal is £49.99 available from selected larger Boots stores and independent pharmacies nationwide now.  For further information, visit


MigraHerb is the only licensed herbal medicine available to prevent migraine headaches based on traditional use only. It contains the active ingredient Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) a herb with scented leaves and flowers that resemble daises, which grows widely across Europe and North America.  Feverfew used in clinical trials has reduced the severity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches in double blind trials with migraine patients.

MigraHerb contains 100mg of Feverfew dry herb and is priced at £8.16 for 30 capsules.  MigraHerb is available from Boots stores nationwide, for further information telephone 01628 401 980 or visit


Feverfew is a popular alternative treatment for migraine headaches. A survey of 270 people with migraines found that more than 70 per cent felt much better after taking an average of 2 - 3 fresh feverfew leaves daily. Several studies have used feverfew for migraine prevention and treatment.

One study used a combination of feverfew and white willow (Salix alba), which contains aspirin-like chemicals. Participants who took the combination twice a day for 12 weeks had fewer migraines and they didn't last as long or hurt as much.

Try The Organic Pharmacy’s Feverfew Complex Tincture which contains Feverfew, Willow, Skullcap and Oats £11.50 for 50ml. Take 10-15 drops in a little water.

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