Are you eating healthily?

Are you eating healthily?

Losing weight can be as much of a struggle for men, as it is for women. Yet it would seem that women's woes dominates the media. 

MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace struggled with his weight for years, but a trip to the doctor shook him into changing his lifestyle for the better. 

His doctor told him that because of his weight, he was 5ft 8in and weighing more than 14st at the time, there was a chance he could suffer a massive heart attack. 

He went on to lose 20lbs in 17 weeks with Weight Watchers.

Here Gregg shares his weight loss tips and gives his tips for eating out whilst still trying to lose weight. 

Gregg’s top weight loss tips

  • My app is never out of my hand

I use the calculator to work out how many ProPoints values I've got left each day. I know the ProPoints values of most foods by heart now, but I use the app to make sure. I can check before the waitress comes back to take my order. Easy. Boom. That's what I'm having.

  • Dining out doesn't have to be off limits

I've made small lifestyle changes that have had a huge effect. For example, always look at the menu before you go out so you can start to plan ahead. And always begin the evening with water, before you move on to the wine.

  • Move more

Build exercise into your everyday routine so it becomes a habit. The more you do, the more you'll like it. Whether it’s walking whilst having a meeting at work,  doing star jumps or walking on the spot in front of the TV, the health benefits can be massive! I should know, I’ve incorporated activity into my lifestyle and it’s made a real difference.

  • Treat yourself occasionally, but track it

Life is for living and the great thing is you can still have a fantastic life filled with food and fun on Weight Watchers. If you have a bad day, embrace it and track it.

  • Proper weight loss takes time

There are no miracle cures out there. It's all about a gradual change of lifestyle which helps you lose weight and keep it off long-term.

Greggs Eating Out Tips

“With Weight Watchers you can enjoy the foods you love, as long as you stick to the rules. I ate out five to six times a week and still lost the weight. It’s simple - I can look at a menu and know what to order by typing the food into my app. There are low ProPoints in fish, shellfish, chicken and sausages… all the good stuff! And you can smash through as much veg as you want because most of it is zero points”.

  • Go for shellfish – they are all filling and healthy foods and most have a ProPoints value of just 1.
  • Bin the bread – If you want bread with dinner, ask for the basket to come with the meal and not before so you don’t mindlessly eat too much while choosing what to order.
  • Save three courses for a treat – I still eat out most nights, but I only have two courses – generally a seafood starter then a main.
  • Separate the sauce – I love Sole Meniere with a lemon and butter sauce so I ask for the sauce in a jug to limit my portion.
  • Be prepared - If you're starving hungry when you get to the restaurant you're more likely to order an option that you may not otherwise. Have a bowl of zero ProPoints value soup to take the edge off your hunger before you head out.

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