If your New Year's resolution is to quit smoking, you're in good company. This year around 46 percent of smokers will attempt to quit smoking, and simply following a few sage pieces of advice will help your readers avoid being one of the 78% who fail to stick to their new year's resolutions.

Top tips from NiQuitin®

Read these top tips from NiQuitin to help you quit smoking in 2016

Read these top tips from NiQuitin to help you quit smoking in 2016

  • Changing a daily routine will help break the habit of smoking - if you're used to smoking when you buy your lunch, make a sandwich at home so you don't have to go out. If it's that morning coffee and cigarette that you're reliant on, try replacing your coffee with a glass of fresh juice to be extra healthy!
  • Choosing a quit date will get you mentally ready for the first day of the new you! Don't forget to set yourself a realistic timeline - it's just not feasible to expect to quit overnight. Break the overall goal into smaller steps and reward yourself when you achieve one of these.
  • Start a quitting diary to track how you're feeling at each stage. This will help you identify the triggers that make you want to smoke so you can learn to change your daily routine and patterns.
  • Your friends and family will be the most essential piece of support on your mission to quit. Let loved ones and colleagues know you're quitting and involve them on your journey so they can congratulate you when you reach your goals and help you when you're struggling.
  • Don't take on too much! Focus on quitting smoking as your only resolution, and treat the occasional lapse as just a temporary setback, rather than giving up.
  • Did you know that despite all the NRT help out there, 62% of people try to go cold turkey, and only 3% succeed with willpower alone.2 Studies consistently show that smokers who use a nicotine patch such as NiQuitin® Patches, which releases nicotine for 24 hours, have a better chance of successfully quitting smoking. This chance of quitting increases significantly if nicotine lozenges, such as NiQuitin® Minis™ Lozenges, for fast relief of sudden cravings.
  • Use free resources and support - speak to your pharmacist or healthcare professional and visit online resources such as the NiQuitin® website (www.niquitin.co.uk) and www.nhs.uk/smokefree

Most smokers who want to quit try several times before they succeed. NiQuitin® offers a comprehensive range of nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) that help curb the habit for good. NiQuitin® offers an unbeatable way of quitting when you use the NiQuitin® patch (for 24 hour control), together with NiQuitin® Minis™ Lozenges for fast relief of sudden cravings. NiQuitin® works by replacing the nicotine found in cigarettes with a therapeutic level of nicotine allowing individuals to reduce their nicotine intake, reduce withdrawal symptoms and aid the quitting process.

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