A study of 2,000 adults for Fisherman's Friend found the efforts of hardy Brits to battle on regardless are wholly misplaced, with a whopping 90% of the rest of us feeling irritated by unwell 'martyr' co-workers who feel the need to spread their germs and spout tiresome cold and flu clichés when they should be at home in bed.

The report shows that three quarters of Brits (74%) refuse to stay at home when struck down with colds or flu and the nation is fed up with co-workers coming in to work when sick and moaning about their ailments with cries of "It's definitely man flu" and "I'm sick as a dog" ranking in the top ten of most irritating clichés, begging the question, why don't we admit to being sick?

Other annoying phrases listed were "I shouldn't be in work today" (17.9%) and "I've only had two hours and five minutes' worth of sleep" (13%). Colleagues stating that they "feel as sick as a dog", "can't afford a sick day" or that they "just aren't feeling 100%" grinds the gears of more than one in 10 Brits.

The latest findings also revealed that the average Brit will suffer loudly at their desk 4.04 days throughout the year annoying their colleagues in the process, with more than a third (35.6%) of the 2,000 Brits surveyed saying that colleagues moaning about how terrible they felt was a persistent problem, particularly as this often involves the use of irksome cold and flu clichés.

Top 10 Most Irritating Cold and Flu Clichés in the Workplace:

1. It's definitely man flu - I am going to moan to you all day about how sick I am but I am here, I will not concede to the illness #manflu #imdying #woeisme

2. I shouldn't be in work today - I am at work because I am a hero and even though it hurts to blink I will sit at my desk all day and demand your sympathy #8hrstogo #needcouch #poorly

3. I've only had 2 hours and 5 minutes' worth of sleep - I was in bed so early but I couldn't sleep because I had a fever/cough/ I'm really stressed/noisy housemate/ indigestion/was really worried about work, sigh, but here I am. #takingitfortheteam

4. I feel as sick as a dog - I am not a dog but if I was then I would be a really sick one. I don't want to chase a stick, I don't want my belly rubbed, I just want to roll over and play dead #woof #sickasadog

5. I can't afford a sick day - I've used up all my sick leave already for 3-day weekends #festival #party so now I have to come in every day until 2017.

6. I'm just not feeling 100% - I was up until 2am watching netflix/dinner turned into drinks/ my trainer pushed me to the next mile this morning/ I am filled with guilt for not finishing that presentation I promised you/ I'm just sick of being an adult actually and want to lie down #gimmeabreak #sotired #wellnesswednesday #metime

7. I'm feeling under the weather - I do not deal with winter, I'm really affected by the weather and I haven't acclimatised yet. This week has really got to me and I think I need to recalibrate #fairweatherworker #tbtsummer

8. I'm fine, honestly - So sick right now but I don't think anyone in my team is as good as me so I am going to power on and work through my pain. Don't worry I will be fine, I know you need me, I won't let you down. #martyr #mememe #hereforyou

9. I just need to man up - You are not giving me the sympathy I think I deserve so I am putting on a tough-guy front but really I am crying inside and just want a cuddle #pleasehugme

10. I wish I was still in bed - Today is not going to plan and I just can't face it any longer. If I say it often enough someone might send me home. #permissionslip #timetogo

Despite all of this, the nation is clearly divided over the rights and wrongs of going to work ill. Almost 40% of Brits said they didn't mind co-workers coming in ill, so long as they gave them a wide berth. While close to a quarter (24.2%) said they felt that sick colleagues should stay at home. Meanwhile, a hard-nosed 10% don't care so long as the work gets done, while a third confessed to feeling annoyed if work is busy and their colleagues dare to phone in sick.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that 60% of Brits aren't planning to have the annual jab that could give them immunity to the potentially killer flu virus.

Fisherman's Friend spokesman Rob Metcalfe says "Despite warnings of one of the worst winters we've seen for 50 years and constant advice from health professionals on how to protect ourselves, it seems very few of us are taking heed, particularly in the workplace, and we're rubbing our co-workers up the wrong way in the process. The fact that this is happening while record numbers of us are struggling into work ill, and while many of us choose to duck the flu jab, is particularly worrying."

Here are the top ten worst cold and flu clichés used in the workplace

Here are the top ten worst cold and flu clichés used in the workplace

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