When we think of clubbing, images of dancing and great music spring to mind, yet it can also conjure up memories of hangovers, uncomfortable shoes and late nights. Just imagine enjoying all of those good points, and losing the not so good… Enter Clubbercise®.

The dance-fitness class which fuses clubbing and exercise is taking the UK by storm! Finally, you can bring a night out to your workout. Clubbercise®, the high-octane, energy infused dance-fitness class combines old-skool aerobics with club/street dance moves. No intimidating equipment or heavy weights, the only accessories you'll need are the Clubbercise® flashing LED glow sticks - perfect for raving and arm-toning at the same time!

With lights in the class being low to emulate a typical club dance floor atmosphere, you can lose those inhibitions, whilst club-style lighting paves the way for an exhilarating hour long class. What's more, you'll be working out to a soundtrack of club anthems ranging from 90's classics to contemporary chart toppers including Sigma and Calvin Harris.

The moves are easy-to-follow and the beats are contagious, with a different routine to each track played to keep the class fresh and challenging. What's more, you'll burn around 500 calories per class. Clubbercise® is perfect if you have an existing training regime but want to add cardio to your workout schedule, or if you're just looking to try something new. The beauty of Clubbercise® is it's suitable for all levels of fitness - from beginners to experts.

Claire Burlison Green, Clubbercise® co-founder says "The concept of Clubbercise® was born out of a yearning for our carefree clubbing days, before jobs and families took over. We missed dancing the night away to great music and the fact that you could burn calories on the dancefloor - no gym required! Clubbercise® brings all of these great factors together - music, dance and fitness. Our flashing LED glow sticks are the icing on the cake - they're so much fun to use, you literally forget you're exercising!"

Clubbercise® was created in 2013 and now sees around 50,000 people UK wide taking a class each week. Every time a new instructor trains with Clubbercise®, the brand donates to Oxfam to provide clean drinking water for 10 people.

Clubbercise classes are held at venues nationwide including Virgin Active Health Clubs. To find a class simply log on to www.clubbercise.com

Dance it out with Clubbercise®

Dance it out with Clubbercise®

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